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How many treatments do I need?

Intensive treatment care

There is no rule. It all depends on why you choose to come to a therapist in the first place. If you have a health problem which is unbearable, or you feel constant pain which affects your everyday living, you will need a more intensive treatment care. That means that a therapist will work on the immediate symptoms, try to relieve the pain, promote deep relaxation and correct imbalances.

Treatments will be arranged according to your state of health and your present problem. It is therefore of paramount importance that you give your therapist all the necessary information about your health. Write down any medications you might be taking, consult your doctor if you feel you may be contraindicated (the contra-indications for each therapy are listed on their respective pages), bring in your scans and prescriptions and don't forget to give your therapist the contact information of your GP/Surgery. You also need to tell your therapist if you are undergoing any other complementary treatment at the moment as some treatments could be incompatible. A therapist will advise you on self-help and recommend other treatments if necessary.

Frequency of treatments: 4 - 7 days
Number of treatments: on average 5 - 10, depending on the condition

Working on a cause

After an intensive treatment the cause of the problem may still exsist and you might want to go for "deeper" treatments. It is quite possible that the "root" of the condition, problem or injury will be eventually removed.

Frequency of treatments: weekly, fortnightly, monthly
Number of treatments depends on the condition and the progress of the therapy.

Maintenance treatments

Whether you are cured from your condition, illness or injury, or you are a healthy individual who just doesn't want to get ill, you may opt for regular treatments to keep you feeling good. Most people nowadays are under constant stress, be it at work or at home. Stress causes 70% of illnesses and is also connected to cancer. Therefore relaxation is of paramount importance. Enabling our bodies to calm down and relax on a regular basis will help it restore its balance and preserve the health. The body has the amazing self-healing ability wich may be "overworked" and holistic therapies will help it regain this ability. Frequency of treatments: weekly, fortnightly, monthly, even yearly or just every now and then, when you feel you need it.


How many treatments do I need?

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