Toddler Reflex

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Toddler Reflex Workshop

Toddler Reflex is a continuation of Baby Reflex course and it is important that you have done that first. There are two sessions once per week (2 weeks in total) and each session lasts 1 hour. Sessions can be arranged at the times when you and your toddler can comfortably attend.

Toddler Reflex Taster Sessions

Toddler Reflex Taster Session lasts only 15 minutes which is more than enough for you to learn one small part of the Toddler Reflex technique and safely use it on your baby.

Taster sessions are often organized at Spirit of Isis in Waltham Abbey during Pampering Days.

You can invite us to your home along with 3 other mums or dads with their babies. The host of the Baby Reflex Home Session will receive special discount at booking a Baby Reflex Workshop (or a therapy).

Baby Reflex Talk

Baby Reflex Talk (includes Toddler Reflex) can be organized for groups of interested people in schools, nurseries, etc. You will find out more about Baby Reflex, the research behind it and how it works.

Toddler Reflex

When your baby becomes mobile the Toddler Reflex comes in play. Toddlers never sit still long enough for you to give them Baby Reflex treatment. They want to know what you are doing and love to be involved.

What does it do and how does it work?

Reflexology for toddler was developed by Penny Oldham and is based on Baby Reflex. It helps calm the child, it can be a great assistance in child's development and gives parents a wonderful and effective technique to bond with their toddler. Toddler Reflex is applied to child's hands and accompanied with adapted nursery rhymes which are well known to children.

What does a session look like?

Just like Baby Reflex, the Toddler Reflex are great fun. We learn the adapted rhymes and the technique, while toddlers can be present at the session and 'help out'.

Where do the Toddler Reflex sessions take place and who can attend?

The best place to learn Toddler Reflex is at your home (or somewhere where you and the child feel 'at home' and comfortable). Workshops can also be arranged for groups in nurseries and other child-safe places. You could also invite other parents and their toddlers to your home and have a session together. Please keep in mind that parents can only 'work' with their own child.

Contra-indications & Cautions

Before trying the Baby Reflex on your child, please make sure that you check the baby for contra-indications.

If the child has been vaccinated wait for 48 hours before you try Baby Reflex.

Always seek medical advice before you treat your child with Toddler Reflex if the child is pale and listless, has a fever, is breathles (especially when drinking), has a rash and temperature rise (especially if it has a stiff neck), has fits, starts vomitting suddenly (if it is unusual for your child), has trembling limbs, cries in pain when touched or picked up, has any kind of head injury.

Can Toddler Reflex be used on babies and older children?

You can use both, Baby Reflex and Toddler Reflex on infants and bigger children, depending on how interested they are in having it done to them.

How do I prepare for Toddler Reflex session?

  • Toddler Reflex will take an hour of your time (per week), so make sure that you and your child are ready for that.
  • If at home, prepare a room where the session will take place, make sure it's warm and comfortable, and big enough to accomodate all that will attend.
  • Make sure that you will not be disturbed for an hour (take care of other children, if any, and pets, switch on the automatic answering device, etc.)
  • Prepare your child appropriately so that the session will run as smooth as possible (food, snacks, finger food ready; have the child's favourite toys in the room and prepare a place for child to play/sleep if he or she becomes disinterested)


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