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Anima Sana was founded by Nina Koželj in 2004 with intention of promoting quality of living in everyday life as well as developing and discovering personal potential in people.

Nina Koželj

Nina is an accomplished and experienced therapist, dedicated to exploring the consciousness and searching of holistic solutions to psychological problems.

Nina worked in complementary therapies since 1993 and practices yoga since 1985. She is fully trained in the Swiss Institute Tune-In as a TimeTherapy practitioner and successfully practices since 1995 in Croatia and Slovenia. Many returning clients from Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Germany and Switzerland are proof of Nina's success. Nina also co-operates with other experienced therapists and medical practitioners.

Simi Koželj

Simi became curious about reflexology and massage when she was a high school student. She learned from books and practiced on a group of friends - members of a dance theatre. They were the most regular, willing and demanding volunteers for massage practice who persuaded her to qualify as a massage therapist. Wishing to travel the world Simi applied for work on cruise ships where she was trained as a massage therapist.

Simi studied in UK and is now qualified in Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Non-medical Nutritional Advice. She is also a Reiki healer and a Laughter Yoga Leader.



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